Teaching practitioners Healthy Conversation Skills 

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By Wendy Lawrence, University of Southampton The main causes of death and disease in society today are influenced by our lifestyle choices, and there is a growing focus on ways to improve health behaviours. Front-line practitioners, particularly those working in health, social and community care roles, are a key resource for supporting behavioural change. Routine […]


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由英国纽卡斯尔大学的艾米·奥唐奈(Amy O’Donnell)撰稿 最近在欧洲某些地区,尤其是在年轻人中,饮酒的水平下降了。但是,过量饮酒仍然是健康不良和早逝的主要危险因素。给被判定为重度饮酒者的患者提供简短的饮酒建议,尤其当该建议的传达者是初级保健医师(例如全科医生)或护士时,可以帮助减少人们的饮酒量。饮酒的简短建议包括了简短的、循证的、结构化的对话,对话的目的是激发和支持患者去考虑改变饮酒行为以减少它带来的伤害风险。我们仍未完全确定这些对话的关键因素,但提供有关患者饮酒量的个性化反馈,并鼓励他们自我监控饮酒,似乎是其中特别有效的部分。


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由澳大利亚悉尼大学安妮·蒂德曼(Anne Tiedemann)撰稿 “缺乏活动破坏了每个人的良好状态,而运动和有系统的体育锻炼可以挽救和保存它” …——柏拉图,公元前400年 众所周知,养成定期体育运动的习惯对健康和幸福十分重要。但是健康促进的信息常常针对儿童和青年人,较少关注体育运动对65周岁及以上人群的影响。然而,老年时期是形成每天运动习惯的关键时期。

Motivation and the first steps toward physical activity

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By Keegan Knittle, University of Helsinki, Finland Here’s a familiar story from primary care: an individual who would clearly benefit from more physical activity comes into the clinic. We discuss their physical (in)activity, and in the end, the person says they just aren’t motivated to change. What’s a clinician supposed to do? How can we […]

How to set goals that work?

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By Tracy Epton, University of Manchester, United Kingdom Goal setting is a popular technique There are many different techniques that can be used to change behaviour (93 according to a recent list!). Goal setting is a well-known technique that most people have used at some point. Goal setting is used by charities (e.g., Alcohol Concern, […]