Staying well while staying at home

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By Dr Federica Picariello and Professor Rona Moss-Morris, King’s College London, the UK. Within weeks around the world, daily life dramatically changed, and uncertainty seized our future in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond the immediate and urgent need to slow down the spread of COVID-19 through rapid and widespread behavioural change (i.e., self-isolation, […]

How to maintain health behaviours long term?

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By Dominika Kwasnicka, SWPS University, Poland and University of Melbourne, Australia The ultimate goal of health promotion programmes is to promote long-lasting change and health care professionals can play a role and help patients to improve their health outcomes and maintaining behaviour change. We know that health behaviour change is difficult to initiate and it […]


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由澳大利亚悉尼大学安妮·蒂德曼(Anne Tiedemann)撰稿 “缺乏活动破坏了每个人的良好状态,而运动和有系统的体育锻炼可以挽救和保存它” …——柏拉图,公元前400年 众所周知,养成定期体育运动的习惯对健康和幸福十分重要。但是健康促进的信息常常针对儿童和青年人,较少关注体育运动对65周岁及以上人群的影响。然而,老年时期是形成每天运动习惯的关键时期。