Improving the delivery of brief alcohol advice in primary care: views from both sides of the consultation table

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By Amy O’Donnell, Newcastle University, UK Levels of drinking have fallen recently in some parts of Europe, particularly amongst young people. However, excessive alcohol consumption remains a major risk factor for poor health and early death. Providing simple brief advice to those identified as heavy drinkers can help reduce the amount of alcohol people consume, […]

Träning för äldre: hur mycket är för mycket?

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Av: Anne Tiedemann, The University of Sydney, Australia “Brist på aktivitet ödelägger människans goda tillstånd medan rörelse och metodisk fysisk träning räddar och förvarar det” Platon, 400 f.Kr. Det har länge varit känt att regelbunden fysisk träning är viktig för hälsan och välbefinnandet. Hälsofrämjande meddelanden riktar sig ofta till barn och ungdomar, med mindre fokus […]

How to set goals that work?

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By Tracy Epton, University of Manchester, United Kingdom Goal setting is a popular technique There are many different techniques that can be used to change behaviour (93 according to a recent list!). Goal setting is a well-known technique that most people have used at some point. Goal setting is used by charities (e.g., Alcohol Concern, […]