How to maintain health behaviours long term?

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By Dominika Kwasnicka, SWPS University, Poland and University of Melbourne, Australia The ultimate goal of health promotion programmes is to promote long-lasting change and health care professionals can play a role and help patients to improve their health outcomes and maintaining behaviour change. We know that health behaviour change is difficult to initiate and it […]


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由英国萨塞克斯大学心理学院自我肯定研究小组的彼得·哈里斯(Peter Harris)和伊恩·哈登(Ian Hadden)共同撰稿 你曾经不愿意面对那些你宁愿忽略的事情吗?也许你喜欢经常性地吃一些对你有害的东西或者你倾向于避免健康体检?好吧,你并不是个例。我们大多数人都认为自己通常是非常聪明能干的人。因此,当我们被告知自己所做的事情并不真正明智或合格,可能会非常具有挑战性。 因此,我们可以非常熟练地抵制那些我们不愿听到的信息。

Self-efficacy: The “can-do” belief that lets people change their lifestyles

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By Ralf Schwarzer, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany and SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland Changing behavior may often be desirable but difficult to do. For example, quitting smoking, eating healthily and sticking to a physical exercise regimen all require motivation, effort, and persistence. While many psychological factors play a role in behavior change, […]

Motivation and the first steps toward physical activity

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By Keegan Knittle, University of Helsinki, Finland Here’s a familiar story from primary care: an individual who would clearly benefit from more physical activity comes into the clinic. We discuss their physical (in)activity, and in the end, the person says they just aren’t motivated to change. What’s a clinician supposed to do? How can we […]