To the national editors

Great that you became part of the PHP-team! Here, we explain what we ask from our National Editors. We are recruiting one editor per country (or per language) to join our team. We ask each National Editor to translate one blog post per month using plain language, making sure it is easy to understand for the practitioners. We are not using professional translation services because we believe that health psychologists are more likely to get the meaning and translation right. You do need insiders’ knowledge to best translate complex psychological ideas in a simple language.

You can also delegate the translation to other people (your students, colleagues). Then the translation will be published under yours and their name. We will still ask you to read the post and to make sure that translation is correct.

We would also ask you to help us distribute the blog among your national networks and colleagues. So we can distribute national translations of the best research to the practitioners working around Europe (regardless if they do speak English or not).

This blog is by invitation only and our team of Head Editors decides on the topic and the author of next blog. However if you do want to write a blog post, or want to suggest a possible blog-writer, please contact us to discuss your idea.

Summary of the responsibilities:

  • Provide an accurate translation of one blog post per month
  • Distribution of the blog posts among your networks
  • Being part of the International Editorial board of the Practical Health Psychology Blog

And summary of the benefits of joining the PHP:

  • Demonstrable involvement in valorisation of health psychology research
  • Opportunities to extend your network among practitioners of health psychology
  • Contributing to implementation of cutting edge health psychology insights