Blogitekstien kirjoittajille

The Practical Health Psychology blog is by invitation only. We encourage the blog post authors to write a post relevant to Health Psychology that can be useful and easily translated into practice. The aim is to write simply and clearly about peer reviewed Health Psychology research so that practitioners can easily access and use the scientific knowledge in practice.

Post are 500-700 words long with a maximum of five practical recommendations listed at the end of each post (200-300 words recommendations for practice – maximum 5 key points). They should be useful for practitioners. The authors of the posts take the responsibility for accuracy of the content. The opinions expressed belong to the author; however we ask the authors to be objective in the way how they present the science and inform the practice.

Please don’t include list of references, instead please include a list of links to the relevant sources so we can embed them in the blog post. Reader can click on relevant link and easily get to the full source. Preferably link to websites, reports, or open access articles, as a lot of practitioners may not have access to the subscription journals.

Please provide a short descriptive title. And give us a suggestion for an image that will go well with the post. Please consider image copy-rights. There are several websites with free stock images.

We will use social media channels to distribute the posts and also to initiate discussions around each post. A great team of National Editors will provide a translation of the post so it can be widely distributed in different languages across Europe.

Blogs are written in English; however if the blog author has the expertise to write in any other European language, then both blog and translation are welcomed.