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How can I motivate my clients?
How and when should I talk to my patients about weight loss or alcohol?
What types of goals should people set?
How are behavioral changes maintained?

Questions like these are encountered every day in practical settings, and healthcare practitioners, counsellors, coaches or teachers may not always know the answers. Research in health psychology and the behavioural sciences can offer people in the prevention and health sectors many valuable insights and recommendations for improving real-world practice. However, finding the answers from research papers can be difficult due to paywalls or language barriers. For this reasons, we have compiled an e-book as a free quick reference guide to help research findings make their way into practice. It takes the expert-written suggestions and tips from the Practical Health Psychology Blog and offers them in a familiar and easy to use .PDF format.

This free e-book, Practical Health Psychology Volume 1, contains all posts published by the blog since its inception through the end of 2020. We hope that it will make the contents of the blog even more accessible for readers, and help open another channel of dissemination. Download your free copy of the e-book below and subscribe to our blog to get notified when new blog posts are published.