Come sostenere i pazienti affetti da diabete di tipo 2 a perdere peso e gestire meglio la loro patologia

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Leah Avery – Teesside University, UK. In passato il diabete di tipo 2 è stato considerato come una condizione progressiva, con l’inevitabile bisogno di una terapia a base di insulina. Tuttavia, le ricerche sui cambiamenti nello stile di vita sfidano questa prognosi pessimistica. La prevalenza del diabete di tipo 2 continua a crescere, e diventa […]

Fear is a bad counsellor

Fear is a bad counsellor

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Dr Gjalt-Jorn Peters, Open University, Netherlands Fear appeals are a commonly used strategy to change behaviour. For instance the threatening and graphic fear-arousing communications now ever-present on tobacco packaging, and in campaigns to promote seatbelt use and discourage substance use. Despite the popularity and widespread use of these fear-arousing methods, research suggests that they may […]

Does money really change everything? Using financial incentives and disincentives to change health behaviours

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Dr Jean Adams, Centre for Diet & Activity Research, University of Cambridge Since October last year, by law, large retailers in England have been charging customers 5p (€0.06) for ‘single-use plastic carrier bags’ – those flimsy plastic bags you get from supermarkets to carry your groceries home. The money raised is donated by retailers to ‘good […]