Intervensi psikologi positif di tempat kerja

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Oleh Alexandra Michel, Federal Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, Jerman dan Annekatrin Hoppe, Humboldt Universität, Jerman Para pekerja menghabiskan sebahagian besar masa mereka di tempat kerja. Tidak mengejutkan bahawa dengan mengurangkan beban kerja dan meningkatkan sumber daya (contohnya, autonomi, sokongan sosial, keberkesanan diri) di tempat kerja adalah penting untuk meningkatkan keseimbangan kerja, kesejahteraan dan […]

Move more, sit less at work: let’s not sit to talk about it

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By Stuart Biddle, University of Southern Queensland, Australia I’m writing this blog on Valentine’s Day! The health promotion charity in Australia, Bluearth, has produced some amusing videos encouraging you to use your chair less by ‘breaking up with your chair’ (liking splitting from your partner, see videos here). So what is the issue here? Essentially, […]

Social support and health behavior: How to move from well-intentioned to skilled support

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By Urte Scholz, University of Zurich and Gertraud (Turu) Stadler, University of Aberdeen Social support seems to be an exclusively positive thing. What can be bad about a little help? Having someone who cooks healthy meals when you try to eat better, or being comforted when you feel down because your recent attempt at quitting […]

Very Brief Interventions

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By Stephen Sutton, University of Cambridge, England Large-scale problems require large-scale solutions. Tackling the ‘Big 4’ behaviours (physical inactivity, tobacco use, excessive consumption of food and alcohol) requires scalable interventions that can reach large numbers of people to achieve a significant public health impact. One promising approach is to use brief interventions delivered by practitioners […]

Harnessing your imagination: Using the power of mental imagery to change health behaviour

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Martin S. Hagger, Curtin University, Australia and University of Jyväskylä, Finland and Dominic Conroy, Birkbeck University of London, UK What is mental imagery? People are usually quite good at imagining things. For example, people often act out future actions or scenarios in their mind, or daydream about fanciful possibilities. These imagined situations are often unstructured […]

E-health: hypes and hopes

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E-kesihatan dan harapan Rik Crutzen, Maastricht University, The Netherlands  Pada masa kini, semua orang menggunakan Internet sepanjang masa untuk pelbagai aktiviti: dari membeli barangan runcit sehinggalah berkongsi gambar kucing yang melucukan dengan rakan yang berada di negara lain. Semuanya boleh. Ianya semakin banyak digunakan termasuklah dari segi kesihatan yang dirujuk sebagai e-kesihatan. Please follow and […]